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Offer contract on provision of transportation services
Hereby MB-Prestige LLC (INN/KPP 7718886349/771601001), expresses its intention to conclude with a person who accepts the terms and conditions of this contract-offer, a contract for the provision of transportation services, on the terms and conditions of this contract-offer.
Agreement - a civil law contract on provision of transportation services, concluded between the Contractor and the Customer on the terms and conditions and in the manner specified in this contract-offer;
Customer - a legal entity or an individual who has concluded the contract;
Transportation services - car rental services with drivers, provided by the Contractor to the Customer under the contract. The type of transportation services, terms of rendering are defined on the site
Contractor - MB-Prestige LLC (INN/KPP 7718886349/771601001) providing transportation services;
Other terms in this contract-offer are used in the meaning provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise expressly provided by this contract-offer.
2.1 This contract-offer is developed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is addressed to the Customers, is an official offer of the Contractor to conclude a contract on provision of transportation services on the conditions specified below.
2.2 Full and unconditional acceptance of this contract-offer is payment for transportation services in accordance with the terms of the contract-offer.
2.3 Acceptance of the present contract-offer means that the acceptor agrees with all provisions of the contract-offer.
3.1 In accordance with the terms of this contract-offer the Contractor undertakes to provide transportation services, and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for the rendered services in accordance with the terms of the contract-offer.
4.1 The Customer undertakes:
4.1.1 Pay the cost of services in accordance with the procedure defined in this offer contract. 4.1.2. Provide the Executor with information about the passenger (full name, organization, if applicable) by indicating this information in the application form. By sending this information to the Executor, the Customer confirms the existence of written consent of passengers to the processing of their personal information.
4.1.3 Familiarize (ensure familiarization of passengers) with the rules of service provision posted at the following address https://mbprestige.ru. The Customer understands and agrees that the Executor has the right to refuse to provide services to the Customer (including interruption of transfer, rental) in case of violation by passengers of the rules established by the Customer in relation to the relevant transportation services.
4.2 The Contractor undertakes to render services in accordance with this contract.
4.3 The Contractor has the right to:
4.3.1 Set restrictions in respect of the services rendered (including the number of passengers, time of car ordering and other restrictions. The restrictions set by the Executor are indicated on the website on the page of the description of the corresponding transportation service.
4.3.2 Refuse to provide transportation services in case of non-fulfillment or untimely fulfillment of the Customer's obligation to provide information on passengers, in case of violation by passengers of rules or restrictions set by the Customer in respect of the relevant transportation services and in other cases specified in this Agreement and/or established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation
5.1 The cost of transportation services is indicated on the website at the Internet address: https:// mbprestige.ru, depending on the selected service.
5.2 Payment for transportation services shall be made by the Customer in non-cash form by transferring money through the website https:// mbprestige.ru or in any other way agreed with the Contractor, by advance payment in the amount of 100% of the cost of services.
5.3 Payment for transportation services shall be made in Russian rubles.
6.1 The Customer has the right to refuse the transportation services and return the money in accordance with the following conditions:
In case of impossibility to use the services, the money for the services can be returned according to the Federal Law No. 193. If before the start of the service: more than 4 days - the cost of the service is refunded in full minus a service fee of 5%; from 2 to 3 days - 50% of the cost is refunded; less than 1 day1 - the cost is not refunded.
6.2 If the Customer is late or fails to show up at the place of car delivery specified in the application (for any reason), the money will not be refunded.
7.1 For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the contract the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and this contract-offer.
7.2 During periods of road restrictions (snowfalls, skids on the roads, road closures, etc.) the Contractor reserves the right to cancel transportation services, in exceptional cases to change the date of service provision.
8.1 The Executor is not responsible for the safety of the Customer's property (participants from the Customer) during the provision of transportation services. The Customer bears the risk related to the damage or loss of his property for any reason, including theft or an event that occurred through no fault of the Executor.
8.2 The Contractor shall not be liable for the inability to provide services for reasons beyond the Contractor's control.
9.1 The Parties shall be released from responsibility for full or partial non-fulfillment of obligations under this Contract, if such non-fulfillment was caused by force majeure circumstances, which arose after the conclusion of this Contract and which neither of the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent. Force majeure circumstances shall include, in particular, earthquakes, fires, floods, military actions of any nature and acts of state authorities preventing the fulfillment of this Agreement.
9.2 In case one of the Parties is unable to fulfill its obligations due to force majeure circumstances, it shall notify the other Party in writing within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of occurrence of such events about the nature of the events and the expected period of their effect. Otherwise, it loses the right to further refer to the occurrence of force majeure events.
9.3 In case of force majeure circumstances, the term of fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement shall be postponed for the period of such circumstances.
10.1 The law of the Russian Federation shall apply to the relations of the Parties under the Contract.
10.2 All disputes and disagreements arising in the course of execution of the contract shall be settled by negotiations. Negotiations are held directly with the participation of representatives of the parties with the drawing up of a protocol or by means of sending written claims (answers to claims) by one party to the other party. The party that has received the claim shall respond to it not later than 10 calendar days from the date of receipt.
10.3 If negotiations do not lead to the resolution of the dispute or disagreement within 10 days from the date of receipt by one of the parties of a written claim from the other party, each of the parties has the right to refer such disputes or disagreements to the appropriate court at the location of the Contractor.
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MB-Prestige Limited Liability Company
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MB-Prestige LLC
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OGRN 1127746370630
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129344, Moscow, Anadyrskiy pr-d, 9-22
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Phone: +7 495 120 96 00
Email: info@mbprestige.ru
Adress: 127254, Moscow, Ogorodny Proezd, 8, bld. 1
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